YAMAHA DXR12 MKII | ตู้ลำโพง 2 ทาง 12 นิ้ว 1,100 วัตต์ พร้อมแอมป์ขยายในตัว

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DXR12MKII ตู้ลำโพง 2 ทาง 12 นิ้ว 1,100 วัตต์ พร้อมแอมป์ขยายในตัว

     ลำโพง DXR12mkII เป็นลำโพงแบบ Active ในตระกูล DXR mkII ซีรีส์ (NEW2019) Bass-Reflex ABS Cabinet, ดอกลำโพงขนาด 12 นิ้ว Woofer เสียงแหลมขนาด 1.75นิ้ว Compression Tweeter, มีกำลังขับ 1100 วัตต์ Peak Biamplified Class-D Design, FIR-X Crossover


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Tel: 02-991-8600, 086-514-5515

YAMAHA DXR12MKII ตู้ลำโพง 2 ทาง 12 นิ้ว 1,100 วัตต์ พร้อมแอมป์ขยายในตัว

     The Yamaha DXR12mkII is a 12″ 1100W 2-Way active loudspeaker which provides clear audio and extremely high output levels in an unobtrusive and durable design, ideal for live sound applications that require wide bandwidth audio reproduction. The cabinet has a rugged ABS construction with a bass-reflex design for enhanced bass performance with reduced turbulence. The high-power 15″ woofer and 1.75″ compression tweeter offer high-resolution audio with a wide frequency response and deep bass. Integrated DSP uses a FIR-X linear phase filter for an ultra-smooth crossover, while the protection circuits optimize and protect driver performance.

     The speaker has a biamplified Class-D design that provides a combined peak output power of 1100W for a strong performance with minimal distortion. The integrated D-contour processor allows you to use the speaker as a main/FOH speaker or as a stage monitor. The rear panel has XLR, 1/4″, and RCA inputs, as well as XLR thru and output connectors for wide compatibility with a variety of professional sound systems and devices.


     The speaker can be placed on a floor or stage, but also has useful mounting options. A dual 35mm pole socket allows you to mount the speaker on top of a subwoofer with horizontal or 7° tilt toward the floor, while M10 fly points allow suspended installation. An optional U-bracket is available separately for wall mounting. The Yamaha DXR12mkII ships with a power cord.



  • 12″ powered loudspeaker with 1100W Class-D amplifier
  • Achieves high SPL output with remarkable clarity throughout its frequency response
  • 75″ neodymium high-frequency compression driver and high-output 12″ woofer which combine for a wide frequency response with powerful bass
  • FIR-X tuning Proprietary sound-processing technology utilizing a linear-phase FIR filter delivers high-quality sound
  • Precision 48-bit DSP processing for clear high-definition sound and built-in D-Contour intelligent dynamic control
  • Durable and compact ABS enclosure
  • Symmetrical Design for mirror-mode floor monitoring



PA Speaker
Configuration Active 2-Way
Enclosure Type Bass-Reflex Loudspeaker
Total Power Capacity 1100 W Peak 
700 W RMS 
Amplifier Power Rating LF:
950 W Peak 
600 W RMS 
150 W Peak 
100 W RMS 
Amplifier Class Class-D
HF Driver 1 x 1.75″ / 44.45 mm Compression Driver with 1″ / 25 mm Throat
LF Driver 1 x 12″ / 30.48 cm Woofer
LF Voice Coil 2.5″ / 6.35 cm
Magnet HF:
Frequency Range 52 Hz to 20 kHz -10 dB
Maximum SPL 134 dB SPL
Coverage Angle 90° H x 60° V (Horn)
Input Sensitivity Line Input:
+1 dBu (Max)
Mic Input:
-32 dBu (Max)
Line Input:
-13 dBu (Max)
Mic Input:
-22 dBu (Center)
Line Input:
+11 dBu (Center)
Line Input:
-3 dBu (Center)
Max Input Level Line Input:
+24 dBu (Balanced) 
Mic Input:
+20 dBu (Balanced) 
Line Input:
+16 dBu (Unbalanced) 
I/O Impedance XLR Mic Input:
12 kOhms (Balanced, Mono) 
XLR Line Input:
8 kOhms (Balanced, Mono) 
1/4″ TRS Line Input:
40 kOhms (Unbalanced, Stereo) 
20 kOhms (Unbalanced, Mono) 
Protections AC Coupling, Crossover Overload, DC Fault
Audio I/O 1 x XLR Input
2 x 1/4″ Input
2 x RCA Input
1 x XLR Thru
1 x XLR Link Output
Signal Processing
Crossover 2.1 kHz
Filters 2 x High-Pass:
100 Hz, 24 dB/Octave  
120 Hz, 24 dB/Octave  
Dynamic Processing Compression, Multiband Limiter
Digital Signal Processing 48-Bit DSP: FIR Filter, Venue Settings
Max Sample Rate/Resolution 48 kHz / 24-Bit
AC Input Power Universal:
100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz 
AC Power Connector 1 x IEC Input
Power Consumption 110 W
Mounting 2 x M10  (Top)
1 x M10  (Rear)
1 x 1.38″ / 35 mm Pole Socket (Dual Angle)
Monitor Angle 50°
Handles 2 x Each Side
Cooling Fan (Variable Speed)
Construction Material ABS
Dimensions 14.2 x 23.7 x 13.8″ / 362.0 x 601.0 x 350.0 mm
Weight 41 lb / 18.6 kg
แบรนด์ (Brands)YAMAHA
ขนาดลำโพง (Size)ลําโพง 12"
จำนวนช่อง (Channels)1 Channel
สี (Color)สีดำ
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