TOA TS-921 | ไมค์ประชุมสำหรับประธานแบบไร้สาย Chairman Unit

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TOA TS-921 ไมค์ประชุมสำหรับประธานแบบไร้สาย Chairman Unit


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TOA TS-921 ไมค์ประชุมสำหรับประธานแบบไร้สาย Chairman Unit

The TS-921 is a Chairman unit of the Infrared Conference system. Since the system is cordless, it can be easily installed and removed. The Chairman unit features a priority speech key which allows it to take precedence over the TS-922 Delegate units when speaking. It can be operated on either the AD-0910 AC adapter or the BP-900A lithium-ion battery. It is equipped with a remaining battery indicator. Two types of dedicated microphones are made available for the TS-921 as optional products: the TS-923, TS-903 standard type and the TS-924, TS-904 long type.

Power Source 7.2 V DC (supplied from optional lithium-ion battery)
Current Consumption Max. 390 mA
Infrared Emitter/Detector
Wavelength 870 nm (AM: Brightness modulation)
Modulation Method Frequency modulation
Carrier Frequency Transmission: Audio channel 1: 7.35 MHz
Audio channel 2: 8.10 MHz
Audio channel 3: 8.55 MHz
Audio channel 4: 9.15 MHz
Control channel: 6.45 MHz
Reception: Base language channel: 1.95 MHz
Translation language channel: 2.25 MHz
Covering Range 7 m (22.97 ft) (radius)


Input Microphone terminal: XLR-4-31 type
Output Monitor speaker: 8 Ω
Headphone: φ3.5 mm mini Jack (3P:monaural) × 2
LED Indicator Speech indicator
Function Monitor volume control
Battery Life Approx. 10 hours
Operating Temperature 0 ℃ to +40 ℃ (32 ゜F to 104 ゜F)
Operating Humidity 90 %RH or less (no condensation)
Finish Case: PC resin
Speaker net: black
Dimensions 205.7 (W) × 70.3 (H) × 164.2 (D) mm (8.1 × 2.77" × 6.46)
Weight 525 g (1.16 lb)
Option Microphone: TS-923
Lithium-ion battery: BP-900A
AC adapter: AD-0910
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