TOA TS-802 Y | ไมค์ประชุมไร้สายสำหรับผู้เข้าร่วมประชุม Delegate's Unit

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ไมค์ประชุมไร้สายสำหรับผู้เข้าร่วมประชุม Delegate's Unit



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TOA TS-802 Y | ไมค์ประชุมไร้สายสำหรับผู้เข้าร่วมประชุม Delegate's Unit

The TS-802 is a Delegate unit of the Infrared Conference system. Since the system is cordless, it can be easily installed and removed. It can be operated on either the AD-0910 AC adapter (optional) or the BP-900 lithium-ion battery (optional). It is equipped with a remaining battery indicator. Two types of dedicated microphones are made available for the TS-802 as optional products: the TS-903 standard type and the TS-904 long type.

  • Infrared transmission
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Unit equipped with removable microphone, loudspeaker and priority switch
  • 2 different version for chairman (TS-801) and delegates (TS-802)
  • When the loudspeaker is on, the microphone of the unit is automatically turned off to avoid feedback and vice versa
  • 1 recording output
  • Ring shaped in-use LED
  • Multiple chairman units can be operated simultaneously
  • Easy hook-up


Specifications for product
Power source

7.4 V DC (battery), 9 V DC (AC Adapter) (supplied from optional BP-900 Battery or AD-0910 AC Adapter)


Microphone terminal: Combined type of XLR-4-31 (dedicated for connecting the optional TS-903 or TS-904


Monitor speaker: 8 Ω, 0,2 W / Headphone: Mini jack x 2




210 x 68.6 x 152 mm (W x H x D)


0.63 kg

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