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TOA IR-702T เครื่องรับไมโครโฟนไร้สาย แบบอินฟาเรด Infrared Wireless Tuner


TOA IR-702T เครื่องรับไมโครโฟนไร้สาย แบบอินฟาเรด Infrared Wireless Tuner

The IR-702T is a 2-channel infrared wireless tuner employing a fixed frequency system. This tuner is combined with an infrared wireless microphone and an infrared wireless receiver to make up the infrared wireless microphone system. The infrared microphone system eliminates problems with interference or eavesdropping, allowing simultaneous use in adjacent conference rooms or school classrooms. 




Power Source AC mains, 50/60 Hz (supplied from the included AC adapter)
Power Consumption 15 W or less
Receiving Frequency Channel A: 3.100 MHz Channel B: 3.350 MHz
Receiver Sensitivity Signal to Noise Ratio: 50 dB or more
(40 dBμV input, 1 kHz modulation, ±4.8 kHz deviation)
Signal to Noise Ratio 61 dB or more (60 dBμV input, ±4.8 kHz deviation, A-weighted)
Tone Squelch Frequency 32.768 kHz
Infrared Receiver Input 75 Ω, BNC jack × 2 (Infrared wireless receiver's power source: 24 V DC,
220 mA max. in total of 2 terminals)
Output Channel A and B: -10 dB(*1) (±4.8 kHz deviation, at volume level max.),
600 Ω, electrical balanced, 3 pole phone jack.
Note: Channel A switchable to mixer output.
Frequency Response 100 Hz - 12 kHz
Operating Temperature -10 ℃ to +50 ℃ (14 ゜F to 122 ゜F)
Operating Humidity 30 % to 85 %RH
Finish Case: ABS resin, black
Dimensions 210 (W) × 44 (H) × 210.9 (D) mm (8.27 × 1.73" × 8.3")"
Weight 630 g (1.39 lb) (unit only)
Accessory AC adapter (DC cord length: 1.8 m (5.91 ft)) (*2) …1,
AC Power cord (2 m (6.56 ft))(*2) …1, Rubber foot …4,
Cord with a phone plug (1 m (3.28 ft)) …1, Color label (6 colors) …1
Option Rack mounting bracket: MB-WT3
MB-WT4 (for mounting with the optional IR-700D
แบรนด์ (Brands) TOA
รุ่น IR-702T
ข้อมูลจำเพาะ TOA IR-702T เครื่องรับไมโครโฟนไร้สาย แบบอินฟาเรด Infrared Wireless Tuner
คลื่นความถี่ (Frequency) IR Infrared
สี (Color) สีดำ
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