Shure Centraverse CVD-B

Centraverse CVD-B
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ฐานไมโครโฟนตั้งโต๊ะ Desktop Microphone Base

Shure Centraverse CVD-B
Shure Centraverse CVD-B Shure Centraverse CVD-B Shure Centraverse CVD-B

Shure Centraverse CVD-B ฐานไมโครโฟนตั้งโต๊ะ Desktop Microphone Base

Mount a Shure CVG12-B/C or CVG18-B/C gooseneck microphone on this sturdy, low-profile base for tabletop installations. A 12-foot XLR mic cable is included.

Product Description

The Shrue CVD-B is a sleek desktop base for use with all Centraverse gooseneck microphones. Shure Centraverse Installed Sound microphones deliver high quality, reliable audio no matter what the application. From meeting rooms to houses of worship, podiums to desktops, Centraverse microphones come complete with all you need to ensure a quick and efficient sound solution, every time.


- Supports 12 and 18-inch Gooseneck Microphones
- 12-foot attached cable

NOTE: ถานไมโครโฟน แบบตั้งโต๊ะ พร้อมสาย 3.5 เมตร ไม่รวมไมโครโฟน

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