DIVAAUDIO DA-1000TDL| ไมค์ประชุมดิจิตอล ผู้ร่วมประชุมแบบก้านยาว Digital conference system microphone digital wired video tracking

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ไมค์ประชุมดิจิตอล ผู้ร่วมประชุมแบบก้านยาว DIVAAUDIO DA-1000TDL Digital conference system microphone digital wired video tracking

DA-1000TDL ไมค์ชุดประชุม Digital conference system microphone digital wired video tracking gooseneck conference system (network cable)


Intelligent digital conference system microphone                                       


  • Equipped with a pluggable gooseneck microphone with a red halo for speaking indication;
  • Painted ABS engineering plastic shell, beautiful. Generous and durable; professional high-fidelity, unidirectional condenser microphone core, clear voice when speaking distance can reach 30-50cm, equipped with our high-speed feedback suppressor can further increase the pickup distance to 100CM-150CM;
  • Comes with a 2.1m hot-swappable network cable for hand-in-hand connection between units;
  • The simple unit is provided with DC24V power supply by the system host, which belongs to the safe range. The microphone supports hot-swappable units and can be connected to a small extended power supply to achieve single-line long-distance segmented power supply;"The microphone supports third-party central control to realize video tracking, opening and closing, and the central control and conference system host use industrial RS232 communication protocol code;
  • The microphone switch uses a car-level rubber switch button, which is durable and has the characteristics of slight mechanical sound;
  • The chairman unit is not limited by the conference mode, and can be placed at any position. It has the function of the priority key to fully control the conference order. It can turn off all the open representative units. Press and hold the priority key to mute the representative and interrupt the speech function. Let go to restore the representative Original state (there is no temporary interjection function in the application mode, short press the priority key in the application mode to open the application representative, and long press the priority key to cut off the speaking representative unit and the application unit).
  • Have a product test report certificate issued by a national professional institution
  • With ISO9001 quality management system certification


Technical specifications

  • Microphone Directivity Super Cardioid Condenser Microphone
  • Adjacent channel interference suppression > 60dB .
  • Power consumption 220mAh .
  • Sensitivity -47Db
  • Microphone maximum sound pressure level 125 dB (THD<3%)
  • SNR 75Db
  • Frequency response 80-15KHZ
  • Weight 1.4Kg
  • Dimensions (W, D, H) 160x 110x 65mm without microphone
  • color black
  • installation countertop
  • Rod length 420mm long rod activity
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