DIVAAUDIO DA-1000TCU | เครื่องควบคุมไมค์ประชุมและจ่ายไฟ Intelligent digital conference control system

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     เครื่องควบคุมไมค์ประชุมและจ่ายไฟ DIVAAUDIO DA-1000TCU Intelligent digital conference control system

DA-1000TCU เครื่องควบคุมไมค์ประชุมและจ่ายไฟ Intelligent digital conference control system



  • International standard 2U panel size, can be installed in a 19-inch standard cabinet, with curved three-dimensional processing and plexiglass matching design;
  • With power-off automatic memory function. After power on, it can be used without resetting, and can restore the factory settings;
  • It has the function of starting the microphone with voice control and the limit level can be adjusted;
  • It can be realized with the central control host. The central control controls the RS232 microphone on and off, switches the conference mode, voice to text recording, etc.
  • Using high-definition color 3.5-inch display screen, with Chinese and English menu language display options;
  • Built-in high, medium and bass balance adjustment, total volume control of the microphone, can uniformly turn off the sound of the built-in speaker of the microphone;
  • All microphones have real-time display of usage status, and when the indicator light is on, the microphone can be turned on or apply for a speech;
  • Multi-channel microphone connection port can backup ring connection, four-way RJ45 network cable connection port, can connect up to 60 conference system units, can connect to expansion host, power repeater, can use 250 conference system units at the same time; standard 10M host cable;
  • The panel is made of strong and durable aluminum alloy, CNC digital precision processing, and the surface is hard anodized, which is harder, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant;
  • Built-in MP3 recording can support up to 32G USB storage, high-quality recording with a recording duration of about 14 consecutive days, with multiple audio outputs, and can be connected to infrared translation systems, telephone couplers, local sound reinforcement systems, external recording equipment, and remote multimedia at the same time terminal;
  • It can be set. The time limit for participants to speak is 15 seconds to 60 minutes, and the meeting process can be quantified to improve meeting efficiency;

Smart conference speech mode adapts to different types of conference needs:

1: Smart limit: The number of units allowed to be opened at the same time can be set from 1 to 6. After the limit is reached, one person is allowed to apply and wait for a countdown of 30 seconds. When there is an opening, the phone will be closed, and the microphone in the application will automatically enter.

2: First in, first out: the number of speaking units is 1 to 6, and the microphone that is turned on later will cover the microphone that was turned on first;

3: Smart application: When the applicant presses the speech button, the 30-second countdown applies for speaking, and the microphone indicator light and microphone indicator light flash at the same time, and the chairman short presses the priority button to approve whether the application microphone is turned on, and short press once for approval One person, the opening order is determined by the application. After the number of speakers is reached, 1 microphone is allowed to enter the application state, and the microphone is turned on at the end to automatically cover the earliest opened unit (in this mode, the chairman microphone has no temporary mute function to represent the interrupt function)

4: Open mode: the number of units that can be opened at the same time is not limited (please do not open all microphones at the same time for a long time)

5. Time-limited speech: You can set the time limit for participants to speak from 15 seconds to 60 minutes, and the microphone will be automatically turned off when the time is reached

6: Only for the chairman: Only the chairman microphone is allowed to open to speak, and all representative units cannot be opened

7: Voice-activated start: The unit is turned on by voice control, and the voice-activated threshold can be adjusted by the host.

8: Automatic test: Set the number of units to be tested. After confirming the test, each microphone indicator and microphone indicator light will flash for 2 seconds in sequence, and the test will automatically reset to the original state.

★Have a product test report certificate issued by a national professional institution

★With ISO9001 quality management system certification


Technical specifications

  • Input, output RJ45x4
  • Input RCAx1 RS-232x2
  • Output XLRMx1 (Balanced) RCAx1 6. 35mmx1
  • Video input, output 4 HDMI IN/1 HDMI OUT(1080P@60Hz)
  • Working voltage AC220V- 50HZ
  • Power consumption 120W ( MAX )
  • Frequency response 20Hz- 20KHz
  • SNR 78dB ( 1KHz THD1% )
  • External dimensions 480x 325 x 88mm
  • Weight 8.5kg
  • color silver gray
  • Audio impedance LINE IN line input: 50KΩ
  • LINE OUT line output: 2000
  • BALANCE balanced output: 3000
  • MAX OUT unbalanced output: 4000


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