BOSCH DCNM-D | DICENTIS Discussion Basic

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DCNM-D DICENTIS Discussion Basic


DICENTIS incorporates several standardized technologies that have been combined to create an open platform. Complete system solutions can be created by simply integrating compatible products. This makes DICENTIS extremely scalable, enabling it to evolve with the growing needs of meeting and conference facilities. At its heart, the DICENTIS Conference System makes use of the unique IP based OMNEO media networking architecture, developed by Bosch.

The elegantly designed DICENTIS Discussion devices enable participants to speak, register a request to speak and listen to discussion. The DICENTIS Discussion device can be easily configured as a single-use or chairperson device via the PC configuration software application. To provide a cost-efficient and flexible solution, a software license can be activated to enable dual use.

• Award winning design
• Configurable as a single participant, dual-use or chairperson's device
• Functionality can be conveniently expanded with software modules

• Single use and chairperson can be configured via the PC configuration software application
• Additional functionality by use of software licenses only: - Dual use
• Audio mute button
• Supports star and loop-through connection

Speech intelligibility
• Crystal clear sound due to a very high signal to noise ratio
• Maximum speech intelligibility is guaranteed
• The loudspeaker and microphone can be active at the same time to facilitate a face to face meeting experience. A feedback suppressor is built in to prevent acoustic feedback

• Encryption ensures that information within the system remains confidential

• A socket is provided to connect the pluggable microphones DCNM HDMIC, DCNM MICS or DCNM MICL (to be ordered separately)

Headphones and loudspeakers
The device has a headphone connection and independent volume control (on both sides of the device), so the speaker can be heard clearly even when there is excessive background noise.

Controls and Indicators

Top side of device:
Microphone with a red or green indicator
• Red indicates that the microphone is active
• Green indicates that a request-to-speak is accepted

LED indicators on device showing:
• Microphone on state - Red
• Possible to speak - White
• Priority - White (Chairperson only)
• Request to speak - Green

Left and right hand side of the device
• Rotary controls for independent headphone volume control

• Socket for pluggable microphone
• Two 3.5 mm (0.14 in) headphone sockets stereo jack type
• 2x RJ45 compatible connection for system communication and power
• Hot Plug-and-play

ElectricalJump to...

Supply voltage 48 VDC
Power consumption 3.1 W
Frequency response 100 Hz to 20 kHz (-3 dB at nominal level)
THD at nominal level < 0.1 %
Dynamic range > 90 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio > 90 dB

Audio inputsJump to...

Nominal microphone input 80 dB SPL according IEC60914
Maximum microphone input 110 dB SPL according IEC60914

Audio outputsJump to...

Loudspeaker nominal output 72 dB SPL at 0.5 m
Loudspeaker maximum output 87 dB SPL
Headphone nominal output 0 dBV
Headphone maximum output 3 dBV
Headphone load impedance > 32 ohm <1k ohm
Headphone output power 65 mW

EnvironmentalJump to...

Operating temperature 5 deg. C to +45 deg. C (41 deg. F to +113 deg. F)
Storage and transport temperature -30 deg. C to +70 deg. C (-22 deg. F to +158 deg. F)
Relative humidity < 90 %, > 5%

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Mounting Tabletop
Dimensions (HxWxD)
Without microphone: 72 x 259 x 139mm (2.83 x 10.20 x 5.47")
Weight 2.1 lbs (0.95kg)
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