Audio-technica AT831CW

Audio-technica AT831CW
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Audio-technica AT831CW ไมค์ลอยหนีบปกเสื้อ

Audio-technica AT831CW
Audio-technica AT831CW

Audio-technica AT831CW ไมค์ลอยหนีบปกเสื้อ

This clip-on lavalier mic provides crisp, full-sounding voice pickup. The mic is ideal for higher SPL applications. Excellent gain before feedback and suppression of background noise. Miniature cardioid condenser lavalier microphone for use with UniPak wireless transmitters. A wide frequency response and an incredible clarity makes this model the best choice.


  • Clip-on lavalier mic also excels in acoustic guitar applications
  • Provides crisp, full-sounding voice and instrument pickup
  • Excellent gain before feedback and suppression of background noise
  • Operates on phantom power only
  • 55" (1.4 m) cable terminated with TA4F-type connector for Shure wireless systems
  • RoHS compliant—free from all substances specified in the EU directive on hazardous substances
  • Includes clothing clip and windscreen
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